Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008


In pursuit of modern infinity...

In pursuit of modern infinity
A psychologists joy, of where
The universe starts, a scientific
Technologically, Sophisticated
Society, still only guess,
In an educated manner, advance in math,
Take up the staff, don’t make me laugh.
The pope, the president
The therapists, the novelist, the poet
None better know it. They all tend
To view in the negative sense.
Survey the freedom of recent oppression.
World wide
Just try to hide.
No-one knows the joy of life any longer,
What could be wronger?
Social science, in total darkness
Of what makes life worth living.
The gift of gods’ blood.
From compassion, comes time,
And infinity, of the worlds family tree.
Forward, to the past, the last
A prize lies, and more lies.
Turn to the inner world, you and
Only you know, the infinite of
Happiness, that’s where it shall be,
Found, within. Pursue no further.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

part 3 letter before a lifetime sentence in prison...

Oh for heavens sake, all on a beautiful day. All that I write here now is that inside, things gone unsaid for so very long. Don’t hate me anymore. Love me and love yourself, love all that’s good, know when never not to know again!

Do you think we will ever get another chance?

Please forgive me, for anything I have done to cause you to disbelieve in the vows I made you, for us, for love and for the family.

I shall wait forever and a day.

If I never touch you again then I might as well be dead.

I’m crying now because I’m afraid I’ll never see my son and daughter jay and Lisa again, my mom and dad or my grand children but most of all I need to see you.

There are only two things I shall never tolerate disrespect for honor and innocence.

I know a woman of your class will probably never forgive a man like me.

Remember that one room school house and the little cabin in the woods. When someone tells you that you might’ve done better then me, think of the times we had on that small island. I was so happy with you and a very small amount of earthly items it was you I only wanted.

I have forgiven any who transcended my favor. I have given to those in need and had compassion. I have genuine concern for mankind on a whole. I forgiven those now who have driven the nails into my heart. Only I have such a hard time forgiven what is happening to my family, I pray for your release from sorrow, pain of loss.

If I ever get released from here, I will give food to the hungry, clothes for the poor and sick. I will visit people in prisons and have a total different out look because now I see how it is to be the one on the other side of the bars.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

part 2 letter before a life sentence

I still like you very much Freya, I know it’s been hard on you to keep it all together up in Maine. You are so very wonderful and so very beautiful to me. Radiant- Rare I love you so very much.

I cry because I am so glad I am as good at heart that I truly know myself and I hope someday everyone can relate to a page out of my book of life.These are the things I’m proud of my relationships with my heart felt truths, the vows that even though I broke, I held on to forever and ever. The love in my heart that has only grown, the judgments I have made.

The time, a gift; the time with my pen, and the view of your growth. I watched you grow up. I am very proud to be amongst your associates I am glad. I know you will be fine. I am always in your heart. My faith is in you and when the drummer calls up the few to take the stand for the saints go marching in. “only child, rather mild, that’s right he smiled” the weight the wait the hour.

13 Stars

Dale and Freya Forever

I shall come to you, I shall come to you unforgiven... Shall you forgive me?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

a girl named Alice

To you Freya: to your children of mine; to those who truly care.
13 stars one bar of 5 man alive. If and as I write this will you preceive it.What is to actually believe it. The 5 of us forever more, the 5 of us. That little beautiful family shall always be there in my heart, we shall never ever part, so far Cory Alley is the only one with us now.

Sooner or later one way or another, I shall come to you.If only in the air. Will you still feel me there? You will always be the one for me no matter what, don't let me slip away, in the stream of life.Say you'll always be my wife. The other night I dreamed you were playing basketball at the turnaround,may this always be, may this always be.That little cedar shingled house, with forest green roof and white trim windows.Ice pond and Stellas and the purple palace. A little girl named Alice. Tampa Everglades, The Aspen Valley to Kansas City Alley. Holiday Hill, Americans still.No one can take these memories away. I dreamed of you playing basketball at the turnaround, you were looking for me.

"Do my kisses burn, do they take your breath, you got a lesson to learn now, about the kiss of death
Sex on on wheels."

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

letter before a life sentence to prison...

Dearest Darling Freya

I trust you are in good health, now I must implore that we speak of things bright, I wish things of you that as my wife I truly believe must occur. You hear me, and perhaps you can agree on some of these things. I apologize for seemingly being so serious. When you do come to visit we shall be together as one by mere view alone. When we are not physically together we are together in that space, where many speak of but few go.

We were torn apart that evening and you know I did say we will always be together.
I remember your lips on mine. No other will be as you nor shall I forget. I will be fair in this and keep you out of it as much as I can, you know I will be ok if I go down with all the blame. I shall keep that in my heart true and right I vow this to you. I have enjoyed writing you. I write a little and then rest sometime may pass then I write some more thank you for humoring me.

Page 1


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008


all alone...

drawing with crosses

Favorite People

I added my blog list finally, if anyone wants to be added just tell me or deleted…
Also if you have any love letters or artwork from jail/prison,rehab,lost lovers that you want to add to the book:
Please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

no one knows...

I could have never known, love in my own heart, if it were not for you. I did not know that’s why I was always the way I am. You have made a mark on my heart, forever. Sometimes it takes a thousand to show one, sometimes one shows thousands. And only one shows rarely. Often is a word I seldom use. Later is the first thing I never choose. I am not as well as I should be for this fight, I must at this time tough it out. I can only watch and see the view. Someone once said “I will never ever leave you”. That voice was my own heart saying something no ears hear. No one believes me anymore. No one shall ever really know now. No one. Dale takes a step back, no one knows, no one. I would have never known, love in my own heart, if it were not for you. I have indeed laid down my life for those I love. There is no greater love. None. No one knows.

mountain view

Passive Tones

Dear Daisy and Cory:

Sunday evening I just got new cell #10 bottom bunk. There is no one here with me.
That’s the best way to be. Got a good hair cut today and got to see Freya. Don’t send me any money if you do they will just take it. Your mother really needs your help. I know you have your own life and much to deal with. Don’t let me down, she is a real good woman. The only thing important in life are love,home and family.
Don’t send any stamps if you do they will just take them too.

Love always
Dale H.

Performance: plus; passive tones, works for rights, flesh and bones.
Beyond the hearts and hearths of homes.
Behind in times and lines of domes.
Left out and all alone. Never ever known.

Now there was a time when I myself,
was spun by time and worthless wealth.
To the ocean floors deepest shelf, to gasp for air and cry for help.
To laugh aloud at my gift, and think that I had created it.
As if it came in self made kit.
Divine intuition I omit, never believing my own wit, would be exactly that.

As the rhythm and the beat, intervened for defeat, of these things now, I do repeat, the soul itself is so fleet. And without it all the cost, and without it all is lost. Never ever morning frost. Never ever slow goes the moss. Ever never taught, what is yours you have bought, and to yours it is sought. Nets cast in time, of time have caught. All wars fought. Nothing, Zero, Ought. The soul of man comes to the front. It is seen for what it is all at~ Once.

Performance: plus; passive tones, works for rights, flesh and bones.
The soul must leave the body alone. Have you not always known?

Long Dale Harper 07/15/1996

Thursday, June 12, 2008

despair of loneliness

March 22, 1997
Dear Dad ~

I’m not doing so good anymore. So I haven’t written because I don’t want to depress you anymore, I know it must be bad enough in the tank. Now that you are out on the yard, when can you receive packages? I’m confused on what you’re allowed to have.

Mom has been sick twice with the flu she had to be in the hospital once. Annie has serve asthma and Faye is just plain crazy. I guess the party is over and everything is really fucked up.

I was in the cold from all this, it is a blessing and curse, not even a phone call for 4 years from you guys. I guess when you start shooting up in the arm nothing else matters.
I never knew where you were or if anyone was ok.

Now my other family meaning your side said they want nothing to do with us, they refer to us as the other clan. That’s fine if Jay and Lisa never wanted to talk to us. So be it.

Someday I hope to come out of the darkness that was created around me from hell.
I feel like I have to pay for your mistakes now. Was I really just born to suffer? Things will never be the same after your father is convicted of first degree murder. I just don’t understand what happen?

Well I hope you get to have fun at least with your schooling, I hope to get into college someday. Annie is having a hard time concentrating after being out of school for so long but I know she will catch up.

I love you, Daisy

Saturday, June 7, 2008


“Some people are just hiding, because they wish someone cared enough to come and find them.” In Plain Sight

Friday, May 30, 2008

in memory of Katrina...

To my dearest Daisy:

Well how are you doing these days? So you talked to Jay I hear, I’m glad of that, I’ve bragged him up to you and I’ve bragged you up to him, so you guys should know I have high opinions of you both. They’re already started to school down there, I guess that’s because there is so many people. He tells me that the two oldest are gymist. He’s got a real good job and he just loves it, says getting away from Maryland was the best thing he ever did, the last time he sent pictures of him and Lisa as kids pretty cool. So I guess I had to go to prison to get my kids back, pretty funny wouldn’t you say. I can’t tell just how many letters have actually gotten to you,

I didn’t get any mail for 36 days, so I’m thinking it may be the same going out as it is coming in, who knows, this lock down just gives them another opportunity to be lazier then they already are.
It’s a sin and shame that these people are people of this caliber, taking the tax payers money to do nothing, just sad. Oh well, so much for our government, hey? But we already know all of this. I’ve been enjoying watching the Olympics quite a lot.

Jay pretty much has got my mothers number , I’ve got to admit it surprised me some, especially after all she has said to them about me, and to me about them, I think maybe it getting her turn to face the music.

So I guess summer is coming to a close, I always liked the island in the fall. Even with all the shit that goes on there, I was always able to find peace with the seasonal beauty, and enjoy my time and space there. Do you ever go by the gravesite to see Katrina? She’ll always be that young girl I watched hitch hike out of the u-turn on that Sunday afternoon. It really hurt my feelings when she left us. I always did like your friend, Daisy.

It has finally evened out at about 95-100 degrees here, don’t matter to us, we’re all locked down anyway. I’ve gone through all my stuff and narrowed it way down, don’t have much at all, it’s a lot easier this way, especially when it comes to cleaning up and when they come in to search the cell, if they see you don’t have anything they just don’t bother you. Now Aaron McKinney, he has the first thing he ever got when he came to prison, he’s a fucking little pack rat. He’s still supposed to be on ABC in October or November. I don’t know what date around the beginning of the month. We will see if they really film it.

I got a card from Annie, I always enjoy reading her letters she’s is forth coming and just talks like we were sitting in the kitchen together. Have you kept in contact with the old aunts down in Florida, I’ve always asked but never got an answer.

Well they have updated us to having 2 hours a day out on the block, half of us at a time. There are 81 of us. So that’s about 40 at a time. There is no screaming on this block, no c-bonics or rap music even though there is one white guy that thinks he’s black.

We have about 10 Spanish or Indians that all came down here with us, so they are ok too! We have a clean rather respectful block of fellows, which is hard to find in a prison. This probably the best bunch of convicts anyone has ever seen. Mostly because of our age on average and the color of our skin.

So the lobster season is about to get underway good luck to you guys this season, I hope this letter finds you happy and well, tell the girls I said hello, and tell Faye I’ll write soon.
Keep on writing; try to contract your poems as perfect as they can possibly be. Not that they aren’t already, you understand. Don’t give up, keep your eyes open. Wide shut.

“Life is like, a mountain railway
With an engineer, that’s true and brave
Keep your hand upon the throttle and you eyes upon the rail
From the cradle to the grave.”

That’s not exactly probably how it goes, but you get my drift, I’m sure. Well I do miss you very very much and love you the same amount. Write soon.

Love Always
Dale H. your Dad

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

April,13th 2000

To my dearest Freya:

Well I hope you receive this in time to celebrate our day. I thought you would surely have written to me by now, that’s what I get for thinking.

I’m sending some pics I cut out of the Smithsonian book.

The one is of Amelia Arhardt “courage” then there are some sketches of Zelda and F. Scott one drawing entitled Maines rocky coast then one of a moniteth from Ireland.

I thought of you when I saw this one of Amelia I’m sending my courage and hers to you on this day.

I hope you like this card; it made me think of us so long ago, as if it was only yesterday.

I have a whole bunch of these pics. As soon as the next month rolls around I’ll send some real good ones, I didn’t rip the book completely up, but I did indeed get the ones I wanted you to have. You’ll see the ones I especially like. There are some Jackson polluck, Picasso, there’s a repo of an oil of Tallulah Bankhead and on the other side is a photo of Walt Whitman at age 82 Tallulah was from Maryland.

Well I hope this winter has found you all of a healthy and happy one as you near spring.

I’ll be thinking of you on the 13th day of April happy anniversary Freya.

I love you very much.

Love Always, Dale H.

Inside the card:


I’ve known of you for 27 years. I’ve always loved you from the first time I laid eyes on you. I’ll be with you on this day and I’ll always be with you.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Death Came

june ...

Dear Daisy and Cory:

Well here it is summer 2000, I hope you guys are doing good out there, make sure you tell Cory happy birthday late for me.

I got your birthday cards thank you very much. My mom turned 74 on 06/03/00 and Jimmy Harper will be 83 this year 12/21/00 (r.i.p.) pop-pop

They are doing ok. I keep in touch with them but they are sorta’ wacky.

I feel pretty much the same, I don’t guess I’ll ever grow up, I don’t know.

It sounds like Freya and the girls are doing as well as can be expected. I wish I was there to help them. How is Corys grandparents doing they must be getting old too!

I’m sending you some pictures I cut out, thought you’d find them interesting. You guys don’t get WB channel do you? I guess if you had a satellite you could.

I still need to hear from you on Tony Beardsley about his number and address. Let me know as soon as you can.

Well I hope you can send me some money even if its only $10.00, I hate to ask.

So I’ll see ya baby, I miss you very much and I love you very much

Love Always

Dale H. your Dad

Sunday, May 25, 2008

untitled letter

Dearest Daisy:

Well, how the hell are you, I’m writing to let you know some packages will be arriving, some by regular mail and others by UPS, I’m not sure how the island gets the mail these days but I hope it’s a safe trip. They finally moved us up here on the hill, to the new prison; it’s pretty much like one big jail. We have to all double up, I have a celly named John Rodrick, who is a friend of mine and so that makes it good. There aren’t a whole lot of people who I would cell up with, I’ve told them I wouldn’t give them any trouble, but if they try to put someone with me, like a child molester or rapist, they might as well just take me to the hole. I aint going to stand that shit.

Some of the people I’ve known all along are on this block, my best friend is Steve Mitchell and he’s over here. We’ve always lived in different buildings on the old yard, so that’s pretty cool. Also most of the people that were on my block on my old site are here too. Dirty Ron, Gifford Gary Capshaw, Bobby de Spain, Sprout Charlie Lopez. Charlie Lopez is that guy who killed his wife in that house Danny and Sue bought on the west side. He got down here years ago and killed a guard, he has real anger problems.

I don’t know if I ever told you or not but those that killed that one guard in 1997 one of them was one of those guys who killed that couple in Canada years ago, his name was Aaron Dodell.

Also I know Russell Henderson and Aaron Mc Kinney. They sent Russell to a max joint in Virginia and Mc Kinney is on this block. All this talk is probably scaring you, sorry I forget you’re a young lady, I just know I can say anything to you. I love you and miss you very much. Love Always Dale H. your Dad

eras end

apple tree on Islesford, Maine

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Old Crossroad, Ice Pond

Down by the edge of the earth
Where its starting, the long decline
As the ice, that stood until spring
All my sorrows bring

The great white rock, left by glacier gone
Where the ravens roost, on ice pond
A wood fire burns to ambers, and doesn’t
Last to long
Rolling Thunder, Heavenly Father come on
~ Ice Pond

My eyes see slight movement, without
A single sound, the sun it beams
Through window screens and moves
Along the ground
Into gray evening shade, takes it’s toll
of what is paid.

I can not imagine, how great my cost
Of all the time and love, I’ve lost
Winter steals my lifes' blood, with its final frost
Rolling Thunder, Heavenly Father, come on
~ Ice Pond.

Night Notes

Expressions, on the face of time, are prolonged from the brain to the spine.The nerves accompany, life swings by a vine. Doubt crawls up, the other side. A potent author awaits the date, swinging up to deaths gate. Hopes to miss, but meets fate. The brain is asking"won't you wait?"

They went up the back way, all debts were paid.The blood and the cocaine, ran where you laid. The picture wasn't pretty, as the press relayed. In the distance, someone waited, in a room where she prayed.

Now the law is a looking, for the culprit in this case. No one even saw, or could identify a face. And the followed were true by no means, and the case was from a prosecutions dream. In the distance, someone waited slightly behind the scenes.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

may the circle be unbroken

To my Dearest Daisy:
Well I’m dropping you a line to see how you are doing, fine I hope. Well I turned 59, I’ll be lucky to make it to 60 if things don’t go right. I’m not sure how it’s all going to end. But you know me, I’m prepared for the worst, I don’t want you to be surprised, you see.

They say if the Wyo. Prison system to do right they can treat me and I’ll be ok for some time to come, its most likely going to take some lawyer threatening to get them to do anything right, mean while I’m going down hill, we’ll see I guess.

You three girls have always been my light since day one, I was real lucky that we spent all the time we did when we were younger, I do know it meant a lot to me.

I think that you have done real well with your life, you are a wonderful person. Much different then most, I’m proud to know you and glad to be your father.

You know having Jay & Lisa come to me this late in the game, could mean many things it makes me wonder, “May the circle be unbroken.”

I love you very, very, much. Love Always, Your Dad

Thursday, May 15, 2008