Thursday, September 25, 2008


In pursuit of modern infinity...

In pursuit of modern infinity
A psychologists joy, of where
The universe starts, a scientific
Technologically, Sophisticated
Society, still only guess,
In an educated manner, advance in math,
Take up the staff, don’t make me laugh.
The pope, the president
The therapists, the novelist, the poet
None better know it. They all tend
To view in the negative sense.
Survey the freedom of recent oppression.
World wide
Just try to hide.
No-one knows the joy of life any longer,
What could be wronger?
Social science, in total darkness
Of what makes life worth living.
The gift of gods’ blood.
From compassion, comes time,
And infinity, of the worlds family tree.
Forward, to the past, the last
A prize lies, and more lies.
Turn to the inner world, you and
Only you know, the infinite of
Happiness, that’s where it shall be,
Found, within. Pursue no further.

Friday, September 5, 2008