Monday, August 25, 2008

part 3 letter before a lifetime sentence in prison...

Oh for heavens sake, all on a beautiful day. All that I write here now is that inside, things gone unsaid for so very long. Don’t hate me anymore. Love me and love yourself, love all that’s good, know when never not to know again!

Do you think we will ever get another chance?

Please forgive me, for anything I have done to cause you to disbelieve in the vows I made you, for us, for love and for the family.

I shall wait forever and a day.

If I never touch you again then I might as well be dead.

I’m crying now because I’m afraid I’ll never see my son and daughter jay and Lisa again, my mom and dad or my grand children but most of all I need to see you.

There are only two things I shall never tolerate disrespect for honor and innocence.

I know a woman of your class will probably never forgive a man like me.

Remember that one room school house and the little cabin in the woods. When someone tells you that you might’ve done better then me, think of the times we had on that small island. I was so happy with you and a very small amount of earthly items it was you I only wanted.

I have forgiven any who transcended my favor. I have given to those in need and had compassion. I have genuine concern for mankind on a whole. I forgiven those now who have driven the nails into my heart. Only I have such a hard time forgiven what is happening to my family, I pray for your release from sorrow, pain of loss.

If I ever get released from here, I will give food to the hungry, clothes for the poor and sick. I will visit people in prisons and have a total different out look because now I see how it is to be the one on the other side of the bars.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

part 2 letter before a life sentence

I still like you very much Freya, I know it’s been hard on you to keep it all together up in Maine. You are so very wonderful and so very beautiful to me. Radiant- Rare I love you so very much.

I cry because I am so glad I am as good at heart that I truly know myself and I hope someday everyone can relate to a page out of my book of life.These are the things I’m proud of my relationships with my heart felt truths, the vows that even though I broke, I held on to forever and ever. The love in my heart that has only grown, the judgments I have made.

The time, a gift; the time with my pen, and the view of your growth. I watched you grow up. I am very proud to be amongst your associates I am glad. I know you will be fine. I am always in your heart. My faith is in you and when the drummer calls up the few to take the stand for the saints go marching in. “only child, rather mild, that’s right he smiled” the weight the wait the hour.

13 Stars

Dale and Freya Forever

I shall come to you, I shall come to you unforgiven... Shall you forgive me?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

a girl named Alice

To you Freya: to your children of mine; to those who truly care.
13 stars one bar of 5 man alive. If and as I write this will you preceive it.What is to actually believe it. The 5 of us forever more, the 5 of us. That little beautiful family shall always be there in my heart, we shall never ever part, so far Cory Alley is the only one with us now.

Sooner or later one way or another, I shall come to you.If only in the air. Will you still feel me there? You will always be the one for me no matter what, don't let me slip away, in the stream of life.Say you'll always be my wife. The other night I dreamed you were playing basketball at the turnaround,may this always be, may this always be.That little cedar shingled house, with forest green roof and white trim windows.Ice pond and Stellas and the purple palace. A little girl named Alice. Tampa Everglades, The Aspen Valley to Kansas City Alley. Holiday Hill, Americans still.No one can take these memories away. I dreamed of you playing basketball at the turnaround, you were looking for me.

"Do my kisses burn, do they take your breath, you got a lesson to learn now, about the kiss of death
Sex on on wheels."