Wednesday, July 9, 2008

letter before a life sentence to prison...

Dearest Darling Freya

I trust you are in good health, now I must implore that we speak of things bright, I wish things of you that as my wife I truly believe must occur. You hear me, and perhaps you can agree on some of these things. I apologize for seemingly being so serious. When you do come to visit we shall be together as one by mere view alone. When we are not physically together we are together in that space, where many speak of but few go.

We were torn apart that evening and you know I did say we will always be together.
I remember your lips on mine. No other will be as you nor shall I forget. I will be fair in this and keep you out of it as much as I can, you know I will be ok if I go down with all the blame. I shall keep that in my heart true and right I vow this to you. I have enjoyed writing you. I write a little and then rest sometime may pass then I write some more thank you for humoring me.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008