Thursday, August 5, 2010


To My Dearest Freya,

Hey baby, well it’s a funny thing, that I got locked down on the 4th of July and of course they all move you after lock down. I get moved over to the FPOD which is where Raphel is pretty funny alright. But also this old con that is here from the joint under protective custody he is involved with lawsuits against a big company for millions. So I’ll talk to him, they have him out of the joint because he could be hurt very easy. His lawyer is Gerry Spence, my bunkie is Buck, and he is 55 and pretty famous. He wrote two books and some songs. His lawyers Gerry Spence he’s going to talk to him Tuesday, he will give him my message. He says he’ll talk to me for sure, that’s the kind of case he likes you know. It’s a case that he might like it’s between me and you, tell no one but the girls. The alibi is almost about together and the note I showed you at the window, is the only thing that I remember. I know you’ll say the truth. So I’m not worried the letter this time should set up. You know what we are dealing with. So I say lets dance.

I hope you can get wheels soon and I hope you get your driving license also. The only thing as I write so much. I forget what I’ve said. I hope you don’t mind hearing me over and over. Oh baby please say you will be with me. In the cell block I can lie on my bunk and see that TV. I could’ve done worse. This cell block is mostly men, no boys. After this pen runs out it will be pencil only after this page for the next, I’ll be here and until released. I’m on the other side of the building on the north side. So I can’t see the church anymore, which I don’t like. Plus I’m on the top bunk I don’t like that either any way you know all make the best of it. This is the block where all the snitches are, so I have to be really careful.

That guy I’m with over here says if anything goes wrong and I go down he’ll meet me at the gate. He will make it so there are no problems. The word is that I’m the clean one. I’ve already got a spot if necessary no one can stop the truth. I am not guilty. He says he has a place in Nebraska. Gabe is here that they moved him out as soon as they move to me in. maybe I’ll see you soon, it won’t be long and we’ll be gone. I have no other that I could hold on to like I hold on to you. I hope you believe me at least. I want no other. I love you baby and hope someday you get my letters I have written. If I won’t ever be there ever again. I want you to at least have my letters it is the only thing we have for now. I help you’ll wait for me Baby. I can’t think of anything but the times we’ll have soon very soon. I hope you’ll still want to be with a little farm boy. You will always be my baby doll.

One of buck’s books is called, "Lovers Fighter Freight Train Rider and the other one is called, "Mama’s Boy is Prison Bond". So we will see me how it goes on the case. It is a good case for a lawsuit you know. Well I know this is getting pretty old with all this law bullshit. I wish we were able to build that little house and grow a garden. Now I’m afraid. I won’t be there for you. Please remember who you are, never guess that. Alright mama, I know you. Everything will be fine. I love you, from my very soul, and I’m crying…
Love Always, Dale H.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love Beyond

cell mates

Was Matthew Shepard really Murdered during a robbery over drugs, not a Hate Crime?

Dear Freya,
There is this expose reporter from New York City that has been in contact with me for some time now. He came to me through Aaron McKinney; he has been working on the corruption, in the Wyoming justice system, you know the threats, intimidations, phony charges, and bought testimonies. Anyways he asked me if he could talk to you. I asked him to assist you in publishing your book the last touch. Here is his phone number call until you get a hold of him. Please call this man! Love Always, Dale H.