Saturday, June 21, 2008


all alone...

drawing with crosses

Favorite People

I added my blog list finally, if anyone wants to be added just tell me or deleted…
Also if you have any love letters or artwork from jail/prison,rehab,lost lovers that you want to add to the book:
Please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

no one knows...

I could have never known, love in my own heart, if it were not for you. I did not know that’s why I was always the way I am. You have made a mark on my heart, forever. Sometimes it takes a thousand to show one, sometimes one shows thousands. And only one shows rarely. Often is a word I seldom use. Later is the first thing I never choose. I am not as well as I should be for this fight, I must at this time tough it out. I can only watch and see the view. Someone once said “I will never ever leave you”. That voice was my own heart saying something no ears hear. No one believes me anymore. No one shall ever really know now. No one. Dale takes a step back, no one knows, no one. I would have never known, love in my own heart, if it were not for you. I have indeed laid down my life for those I love. There is no greater love. None. No one knows.

mountain view

Passive Tones

Dear Daisy and Cory:

Sunday evening I just got new cell #10 bottom bunk. There is no one here with me.
That’s the best way to be. Got a good hair cut today and got to see Freya. Don’t send me any money if you do they will just take it. Your mother really needs your help. I know you have your own life and much to deal with. Don’t let me down, she is a real good woman. The only thing important in life are love,home and family.
Don’t send any stamps if you do they will just take them too.

Love always
Dale H.

Performance: plus; passive tones, works for rights, flesh and bones.
Beyond the hearts and hearths of homes.
Behind in times and lines of domes.
Left out and all alone. Never ever known.

Now there was a time when I myself,
was spun by time and worthless wealth.
To the ocean floors deepest shelf, to gasp for air and cry for help.
To laugh aloud at my gift, and think that I had created it.
As if it came in self made kit.
Divine intuition I omit, never believing my own wit, would be exactly that.

As the rhythm and the beat, intervened for defeat, of these things now, I do repeat, the soul itself is so fleet. And without it all the cost, and without it all is lost. Never ever morning frost. Never ever slow goes the moss. Ever never taught, what is yours you have bought, and to yours it is sought. Nets cast in time, of time have caught. All wars fought. Nothing, Zero, Ought. The soul of man comes to the front. It is seen for what it is all at~ Once.

Performance: plus; passive tones, works for rights, flesh and bones.
The soul must leave the body alone. Have you not always known?

Long Dale Harper 07/15/1996

Thursday, June 12, 2008

despair of loneliness

March 22, 1997
Dear Dad ~

I’m not doing so good anymore. So I haven’t written because I don’t want to depress you anymore, I know it must be bad enough in the tank. Now that you are out on the yard, when can you receive packages? I’m confused on what you’re allowed to have.

Mom has been sick twice with the flu she had to be in the hospital once. Annie has serve asthma and Faye is just plain crazy. I guess the party is over and everything is really fucked up.

I was in the cold from all this, it is a blessing and curse, not even a phone call for 4 years from you guys. I guess when you start shooting up in the arm nothing else matters.
I never knew where you were or if anyone was ok.

Now my other family meaning your side said they want nothing to do with us, they refer to us as the other clan. That’s fine if Jay and Lisa never wanted to talk to us. So be it.

Someday I hope to come out of the darkness that was created around me from hell.
I feel like I have to pay for your mistakes now. Was I really just born to suffer? Things will never be the same after your father is convicted of first degree murder. I just don’t understand what happen?

Well I hope you get to have fun at least with your schooling, I hope to get into college someday. Annie is having a hard time concentrating after being out of school for so long but I know she will catch up.

I love you, Daisy

Saturday, June 7, 2008


“Some people are just hiding, because they wish someone cared enough to come and find them.” In Plain Sight