Wednesday, January 9, 2013


• Freya" "Well, I've made it to 59, that's pretty cool. So how do you like your new job? I really was glad to hear that, that came along for you. You stick with it, do your best like I know you will." "So it has gotten warm here. We had 2 or 3 days of 105, but the wind always blows a little, so it's pretty pleasant. Lots of green. There is a cotton field outside the fence. They have a really big garden here, a lot of the boys are working on it. It looks like you can grow about anything on it." "I went from 189-164 in about 8 days, all fluid. The pills I've been taking are finally taking a hold of me. They are going to take me to Abilene to see a specialist to see how far along the genotypes have gotten. There are 3 levels. I'll most likely be able to finally get treatment and get rid of anywhere from 50% to 80% of it. Rhonda has sent me a lot of materials on the matter. She is pretty smart, come to find out. She's getting ready to go back to work here soon. I sent you guys a big envelope filled with many things. You guys can split them up. There will probably be at least on thing each of you guys will like. Oh, and I made an attempt at Jackson Pollack. It's in there with the rest of that stuff. I've done a real good mural of Aztec art on my cell wall. I like it. You know, it's a funny thing. When I was a boy on the farm, my bedroom was smaller than my cell. The door that lead to it went through the bathroom, which was composed of a slop jar.

All the what ifs...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


To my dearest Freya: "Well, how the hell are you, baby doll? Haven't written in a while and I needed to. So, I hope you and the girls are doing good. I miss you so very much,. I know you don't have no time to write much. Well, I guess Annie is back in school. I hope she does good. Are you still working at the same place? How's your car doing? I know nothing but mindless questions, ha." "So, did those alarms do any damage up that way? I guess Jimmy and Eurith got through it alright, and Jay also down in Florida. I don't envy him and his family living down there. I guess it was ok but if I to live below the sub-tropic line I think I'd go to the Caymans or Brazil. I guess that's just what'd I do, though." "I'm sending some cut-outs. Do you recognize Hunter Thompson? You can always give them to Annie if you don't want them. I saw that Cheryl Crow thing I probably already told you about. I also saw the tribute to Johnny Cash. There was a real good duet with Cheryl. I don't watch many new shows, but I do like "Charmed". I still watch new and reruns of "3rd Rock from the Sun" and "Raymond". Oh well, so much for TV. They offer college courses, too. "I've been working on my federal appeal and my sentence reduction. I may have to have a couple of letters from you and the girls on how much you need me to be there to help with the family. I'll send you some information as to what I need. I've got to have my sentence reduction in by December 31st, 1999, so hopefully you girls can be prompt when I ask for your help. I don't meant to sound funny or anything, but I'll need what I ask for right away. I hope you aren't too busy to help me. Thanks. If I can get my sentence broke to numbers I got a real good chance to bail out on my first parole date, 10/6/2006. If I get a small bottom number like 20 years, I'll be eligible for parole a lot sooner. Well see, but I have no criminal record, even though they tried to create one for me, so all this is in our favor. Wish me good luck." "I know I'd like to be you guys out. I remember all the little things that we've done, and how we've been. There are not that many people who have done what and I have. Those 3 girls know things most never will know in a lifetime, and I believe this, and I am not ashamed. It was my life, and I make no apologies. I'm very proud of you all." "I like Marilyn Mansons' new video. It's about the Kennedy Assassination. Speak of which, how about John Jr? Did I write about that in my last letter?" "I'm waiting for "The Mummy" to come out on TV. Tonight they had "The Matrix". "The Mexican Maidens pick and sing of Billy The Kid, the boy bandit king". - Ry Cooder "I seen that crazy ass Keith on that Crow special "The Walking Dead", he said "I'm glad to be here, hell I'm glad to be anywhere". Ha, how true." "It was a night, when your fingernails turn purple, And you can't seem to clear a single hurdle, Nothing lives in the marsh, but the myrtle, And your life-giving force became infertile, The hare is dead, long live the turtle! Expect that letter for info soon I love and miss you all very, very much! Love always, Dale H Happy-B Day! "To My Dearest Freya Elizabeth", "To whom I vow my love, to the very last breath To whom I now never have have to guess Whom I love more than I love myself With you and I, these lives conceived With you, the love believed With thanks they were received Now there aren't any others No sisters, no brothers Now it's just you and I Now is the reason why Beyond our earthly bounds we fly Freya and I With love of love beyond long gone Is the name of the song No one was ever wrong The vows I made in my heart 25 years ago Are the only things remaining of me that you know."Dale Harper, 7/5/96

Love Birds