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Closed Hand

We’ve seen some things people do not know. I have only one thing in my mind and in my sight you and my family, and love you and god only knows how much. The past is gone now there’s no time for anything, but life. Just be the real Freya, and stand up. I’m not being allowed to help my family anymore. I know you remember me walking 8 miles to for cigarettes and food; it was always an honor for me. A man like me would do that for his love and for a woman like you. I lived in a time where you don’t ask, you don’t take, you don’t beg, you just do. Thank you Freya for waiting by the window at home for me. Thank you for giving me unconditional love, please allow me to apologize, to our family and my daughters, who I love and you my beautiful baby doll. I love you and I know you tear up as bad as me when we see each other and than are out of reach and out of touch.

I guess I’m just a sentimental as anyone. My grandfather did a good job raising me. He wasn’t like most people today. I feel pretty stupid not seeing how things go on between humans. I would not have been as fortunate, as I have been all these years if it was not meant to be. I have been so lucky to be in the company of such good fine girls, as you and your daughter’s. God has truly blessed me with your presence. Don’t expect letters on paper from someone who writes to me on the wire. You know I’m reading your thoughts. Come back Martha come back. But I can’t help but to put it on paper to say right out and I can’t help it to say things no doubt, especially to you.
“Goodbye ruby Tuesday of my darling let me go “

There is always some other line that comes to mind. I really can tell this is a lot for you, but you’ll be able to hold up to life now. Now that you where you are, I hope I’m the one you want, just be proud of who you are, I want you to be the one who’s there. When you blow your top, and guess what I will be baby doll, cause I am, cause I am, I will be damned. Because I am .there was once a place on a farm .where I learned I could do no harm. Where I live life as a charm. I awoke to the roosters’ alarm. Now the things that I became. Are what I am. It’s like the love of the land, and I want you to know and understand. How simply it is to be a grand. Have the boy was soon to be a man, and you to be the woman on my hand.

Love always Dale

Now there are a lot of the things each one needs
The most right in my closed hand
You don’t look down
And don’t look up
No damn number
And don’t ask the open hand
Who is the plumber?
And don’t ask for what you need the most
The answer is told by a ghost
As the frost covers all the lovers
Of the earth
In my closed hand
Was the first thing each one needs the worst
It’s a blessing not a curse
Nothing could be greater
It’s the new world translator

what lies within the truth...


Horsehair Crosses

Did DePree ask you anything about Buck Whitley or even mention his name? You ask Faye if she can even remember anything about Mr. SKaggs either. It would really be some assistants if they did. You think about it. Make sure you tell me if they did or not. Well anyway it’s good to hear from you. I have started to collect more CDs; do you have something of your own to play them on? I’m glad to hear the groups that you are listening to. I get to see someone MTV but only sometimes. I get to see Ren and Stimpy every other week on TV, we watch family matters and I like that new show men behaving badly and also of the third rock. There are these two little sparrows and sit on my window. Wish I could cut a hole in the screen and start putting bread crumbs out there for them. If I did that they would say I was trying to escape .I sent your mom one of my crosses, hope she likes it.

The food we got today for lunch could come under the fifth and eighth amendment’s to the constitution one being sentences without due process and two cruel and unjust punishments. You just have to see it, boy is a good thing I have some cookies. They do give us of crackers for our soup. so I save up about a dozen and when I go down for supper I get a bunch of butter pads and that’s what I like, butter and crackers. For the super they give soup here, it can only be described by its color, you know let’s say, light green or off browns. I’d better stop all this complaining, anyways you make sure you say hello to frank, when you see him. Tell your mom I love her and I won’t write no more if she’s don’t want me to. Tell daisy in Cory I said hello, I have wrote a couple of letters to Jimmy and Eurith, but I still don’t have a buck yet to buy the stamps now.

I remember that James you’re talking about, the one who spoke real good Spanish. All of the sudden it dawned on me who you saw. Is Daisy still keeping in touch with Jay? I hope so try to remember to say something to him when she calls him. I hope he’s doing all right. I tried to put together a book of all my poems. I’ve got plenty on my mind I have wrote about 12 of 13 good ones so far, when I get on the yard I’m going to put some of them on the prison paper and may try to get a job when I get on the yard . It won’t be hard work just making things with horsehair. All right that’s pretty much all I have to say right now. Not really I could talk to you until the end of days. Please make sure that Faye gets it together with some of the things I’ve asked her to do for me, like find out about giving me transferred back to Maine Penitentiary. Thanks for the letter, I loved it. I will be sure to send poems later on. Love Always Dale your Dad

Life is like Jell-O

You all had to grow up to fast that’s the way it is sometimes. The ball just keeps on rolling, enjoy your time. Don’t rush out too hard don’t fall for any dumb shit, baby. Remember outsiders, stay golden, stay golden, the best days are ahead don’t stop now. Life is like Jell-O, in order to eat it; you have to catch it first.

“It’s your cat now Lewis.” Pet Semetary

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Wall

Dale the Plumber

Dale the plumber, had a daughter named Faye
She was presented to him on his birthday
The bond was made in heaven
There’s no more to say
He loved before that moment
and more each day
We grew up together, taking chances at every bend
He said the road goes on forever
and the party never ends
She said I love you daddy
and I forgive you for your sins
now tonight in this prison cell
I weep in my heart for my daughter’s
and in my heart I weep
But for my birthday gift, given to me
by a ghost
It’s for her, I truly weep the most…
Long Dale Harper 12/25/96

Force the Force

Your letter to the White House was well thought out, and I agree that all the children in America within these shores deserve a chance in education. Though what the government would rather do is have a bunch of the immigrants come across the borders. To become drug dealers, so they can increase the police force and arrest them all, in order so the cops can do as they please. If this country spent as much money on education, as they did on force the force. It would only be half is much is what is needed. The government believes that they can stop a civil war, by force now. but the real civil war is the war they are inflicting on us as citizens, and our rights now have been gone right in front of us.

"I’ve always liked Northeast Harbor this time of year, and it always reminds me of St. Michael’s Maryland in Another time and Place. All these tourist towns, they all seem to grow and shrink, into one time at different seasons of the year."

Dale Harper

See -Through Television

Greetings from Far, Far Away Oct. 22, 2001
To my Dearest Annie,

Well how are you doing these days? Seems like a lot of things are going on out there in the world. I hope everything is okay with you all. Well did you finish your schooling yet? They sure hope everything went all right with the last days. You ever get all those addresses I sent your mother out of the book that you see advertised on TV, and there are some real good programs to assist you in furthering your education, and also in helping you to get a business started. You should look into some of them does that TV, work okay that I sent you. They’ve got these new TVs down here now that are like that fan I sent home. they are see-through I haven’t seen one as of them yet and I’m not sure of what brand they are either, or how much are they even cost, and I’m sure I won’t be enlightened to all these facts shortly though being were at a high security level now. I get letters from one of my friends who have been home for about 2 ½ years; he’s got a new baby he sent some photos. He’s buying a new truck so is quite busy. I haven’t heard from Jimmy and Eurith for some time now have you? I hope they’re doing okay. I suppose Daisy and Cory are real busy in the middle of the lobster season? Do you see them very much? I haven’t heard from Daisy in sometime either. I wonder if she still goes all out on the holidays. She always loved Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s .I kind of do myself. Well hope you are getting along with all your friends. a lot of those people you talk about I remember well .I remember as a kid, little kids. Well behave yourself baby, try to stay out of trouble. you don’t need no unnecessary problems. So I’ll see you later I love you and miss you very much
Love Always, Dale your Dad

A Son's Birthday Card

My Dearest Freya May 2004
Well let’s cut to the chase. To answer your question, like why could you or anyone else want to re-write a perfect ending? Yes we will live happily ever after. Maybe really tell me what is on your mind? You haven’t forgotten that I’m your friend have you? So about three or four weeks ago the case-worker calls me, and to his office and says to you know about Jay Harper and thought to myself something’s gone wrong! He wants to come to see me, can you believe it? He’ll be in Vegas, next week. He wants to see you and then he says come to find out all he wants is to have his father, in his life and his family’s lives. He’s really something else. Jesus, he’s got his right shoulder covered with tattoos, his real nice portrait of his five kids, than he has names down him, he’s got them in oriental words for like truth family ect. Some stuff has on his back and he’s getting more marks of my initials. He also plays the guitar and writes poems and songs. It’s uncanny Freya; he doesn’t hold anything against me about anything gone by. Maybe we can all take a page from his book. My mother has fucked herself with just like she has with all my family members. He is a good man he is caring and helpful and I know it’s because of what he missed as a boy, he doesn’t want to see anyone else suffer.
He has a good heart, it just blows me away. He is my son which makes me Ward’s son. I really did get my answer after all this time I see why my mother hates me. It’s because I’m a Ward. Jay wanted to know about ward and his family. Not until this April did he even know when my birthday was. My mother and Linda don’t get along either come to find out. Jay says his mother has never really talked to me down too bad, she didn’t make that mistake. He told me that Tony Basel was really good to him and in many ways he’s a lot like Tony. I always told you about Tony he had an effect on me and most important he gave me my trade. Jay says his mom is real hard headed not that that’s a bad thing. I don’t think I’d have it any other way. I’ve got a lot to give to you, Freya. You have always been a real good mom to the girls and a good wife, and I probably held you back some that I never meant to do. you got your little restaurant and your children are around you. We should be together and we will be again. You must believe that, you must have faith and hope. It’s funny Jay came back to me and how things come around he believes in fate, he’s coming back within the year and he’s bringing his wife Rhonda to meet me. He just told the children about me and it was a funny thing all he really wanted was a birthday card from me on his birthday, I sent him one this year. That was all it took for Son to say all the things he wanted to say to his father. I’ve been reserved with him and have spoke to him about all the relatives as far back as I could remember. I just tried to stick to the facts of life and told you all about my crazy life too much drugs and guns etc. None of it phases him he told me that his godfather Johnny was real good with him I was right to pick john to be his godfather. What is daisy doing? I haven’t heard from her for a while and told jay to get a hold of her, but not sure she’s even there .you mean everything to me, Freya you’ve got to take time to talk to me. You need to tell me just what to expect from you .when the parole board wants to know where I’m to go and who’s going to be there, and what’s going on is getting closer every day. I hope you don’t let me down, but I don’t want you to do something, you can’t live with either, you understand. I’m not afraid, I’m not smart enough to be afraid ,and in my heart I do know what you feel and think but the parole board cannot read your mind, I truly hope you haven’t been involved in any manner with the that bounty hunter, and hope that your father is not against me. They say it will be the way it’s supposed to be jay even likes horse racing. Things they sure are odd aren’t they well I do hope you read this with an understanding heart and open mind. You know you mean the world to me you are my finest work. I don’t want anything but good for you ,I still remember the menu that we made, a for the Harper House and remember these things in those times of great love, and feelings to be shared the look on your face, and the love and ~
I Love You Always, Dale Harper

Sunday, July 11, 2010

far,far, away...

Butterfly Kisses

Old Captain Jim Harper

Freya, Nov. 10 2004

Well Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I bet you all are going to have a real nice meal. I love to be there to indulge. I figured the restaurant is closed by now, and drained down and ready to go another year. How did everything go this summer? Do you ever hear from the Aunt’s in Florida?
I miss plumbing; I do draw considerable plans, from day to day. Some are very simple and others are elaborate to unusual. I still think masonry is the way to go.

Well the other day I went for my yearly check up that’d be 2yrs. In reality. I’m ok I guess. I’m 69’ tall I weigh 160lbs. my B.P. 60/100 and my P.R. was 66. It doesn’t seem like my 60th birthday is close but it is. My hair is turning all gray and I still have a mustache.

Well right now I’ve been doing a lot of abstract I seem to enjoy it more than anything and some other artists have told me that I’m good at it. Who knows about all that, I love it. I’ve been in a slump in my writing but I have produced some other good stuff. Jay loves my writing aint that somethin’? Ashley has taken a liking to me, she is a very interesting and writing me and likes photography, she has a boyfriend and a car .She says that her mom’s new husband treats them all real nice. Amber is 10 years old and a very outgoing child, and she wrote to me and was quite open and has nice handwriting. Jay has sent me some older photos, it’s pretty cool. He and Rhonda are expecting their six child. That’s what I wanted was six kids. I got five good ones and six counting you.

So, Nevada has worn off pretty much .I do not like their system and I can’t even begin to tell you of their short comings; the worst is the food, followed by the true ignorance of the personnel, and not to mention the medical or a lack of, and I haven’t seen a dentist yet. For months now we have had nothing but green bologna sandwiches for lunch. I don’t eat them anyway, but it’s just the idea that nothing is being done to improve their conditions here. Well enough of that.

Aaron McKinney is supposed to be on television on the 20/20 show. You should try to watch it on ABC and I’m still his cellmate. I’m twice his age, plus six years. We get along like a father and son, he’s a good kid. He takes those double life sentences okay. His partner, Russell Henderson, is about three doors down. He also seems ok person, and pretty good friends with those boys. Being were all here lost to the Albany Colorado Boys Club. We’ve been looking into getting transferred someplace else, haven’t heard back yet. They sent two of these Nevada blacks up to Thompson, Maine and wished I could get out there, that of course would need some communication from you and it would be nice to have some visitations with my children, and I don’t expect that. So I’ll go another route and getting close to the age where I can claim a hardship on that alone, so I’ll just out wait them.

Jay is in touch with that college program from Washington, DC about assistance for parole for older prisoners. He really is a great son, all the kids send a me cards ever so often, they are all beautiful kids and so great to their pop-pop and I told Annie, when Rhonda Has this baby she will be in an Aunt eight times over, and I understand he got a hold of Daisy, he really is a good man, and I’m real glad to see its pass through the blood, he cusses like a sailor, old Captain Jim Harper, would be proud of him. “I sailed the Horn, from the Gulf of Mexico. I went top side to fennel, the sails in a blow, I fell to my death, on the deck down below.” I will send you one of these abstracts, you can say it’s a Thanksgiving card it’s for you.

There have been a lot of employees stealing the inmate’s money when it arrives. So when ever anyone sends money make sure it’s sent to the office, in Las Vegas. Make sure you save the receipt from the postal money order. If you’re lucky you can feed you self out of canteen for about the past six months. That’s if I don’t want to get sick ,and we can’t even get any decent clothing from these people, and that’s one thing about Wyoming, they made sure you had good warm boots and food to eat.

I’m sending some more of those money things you can pass them around don’t forget they don’t send any letters, that might be attached to the money from that office and if you want to let me know you sent one you’ll have to have that letters sent separately that way I’ll know to expect it and if something goes funny, I can rant and rave at them. Don’t forget to follow up on all of this. I told that story about when I got sick and they didn’t care. They finally gave me those same pills. I got for when I had chicken pox.

So tell the girls I’ve contacted and tell them that I love them and miss them very much. Thank them for all to things they’ve done in this time of need for me, and their letters are always wonderful, and I love receiving them. Thank them for the cash they’ve sent also, take it easy. try to do some art this winter may be write a poem or song, it really always amazes me how good I feel, after I’ve have done these things.
Love, Dale