Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beyond Comparison

I’m very happy to share this wonderful gift, a letter that I received, to add to my blog today. Some people never really know what pure love is. It’s something we can’t see or hold. So even if you’re locked behind bars, nothing can take this kind of love away. Time- nor- death stops the heart- and- soul, from always knowing one another through the vast universe of possibilities. I adore the kind of rare love described in this letter, that reminds me of my parents.

Dearest Julieanne,

Hey, beautiful! I truly hope that this letter finds you in the absolute best of all circumstances these days. I'm doing well, drawing for several hours, and now I'm putting that to the side, so I can make for certain my love has something to smile about in her mailbox on this coming Saturday. I guess I'll just have to see if my sister shows up on Saturday, or if I'm even called up there. I'm pretty excited to see her, and I'm so eager to talk to her, telling her about you even further, and our relationship. Mainly speaking on the feelings that I possess for Julieanne Noel. I really can't wait to share with her, I'm sure I'll be a rambling fool, but expressing what is true is refreshing to me. I don't talk with any of the people that I'm around about very meaningful stuff, it can be best to keep it trivial, and not be the dude who is open, discussing his personal biz. I've never been that way. When I go outside, I'll do some routine (workout), and then literally spend the remaining hours looking off in the distance. Nothing is visible but the inner structure of the prison, this yard. However, a somewhat decent field of grass exists in the middle. I walk on a path that cuts through it every time I'm escorted to a visit. There is a clear view of the sky, it's a nice one. Sometimes I'll see these mini airplanes cutting through the sky, they get pretty close too. So, yeah.. you can always count on the fact I'm always thinking about you, especially whenever I'm out at yard. Breathing the same air you are, only a short drive apart physically. I imagine how instead of the idea that you are staring up at the same clouds somewhere near, that someday soon we will be together directly under the beauty of the sky, preferably an overcast one. For sure we'll be wearing our exploring pants those days, and take a drive to a place we can be alone, to do what we wish.

Don't think I've forgotten about the requested flix of your room. The Hot Mama Lair, I'm only familiar with the corners of your bed at the moment, and I'm certain that there is so much more to observe. A vivid image of you sleeping in it will be even more so, even though I know it probably resembles a ball of blankets with you somewhere under there, sleeping away. I'd probably end up waking my wife from her rest, I know, I'm terrible, but that is the truth. I'd try my best to refrain so that you could get the necessary sleep, especially due to the erratic schedule you follow, where at times you are cleary lacking the precious snooze time. Believe me, I'll keep you exhausted/worn down/and tired plenty when I come home. For a long time, I promise you this.

Even though I didn't get to see you as usual Saturday, I really hope that you will take the moment to realize how much it is I truly love you. I'll never expect anyone else to understand the strength of our bond and the passionate flames that rage from it. All I can do is wish upon them that they will be so lucky one day to of been granted the same amazing gift. I am rich beyond any wealth I've ever considered obtaining, I find myself happier in the middle of the night when I briefly awaken, than I've ever felt on the most pleasant days I've ever experienced when I didn't find myself locked behind a door. I'm not sure if I was ever searching for you, because I don't think I ever really believed you existed. I could see finding someone whom could offer the typical good times but never someone I'd feel incomplete or lost without. A woman I'm connected to on an emotional level that justifies the meaning of forever. You are as much part of me, as I am of myself, and that isn't something that simply changes in the blink of an eye, as so many things do in this world. We are family in every part of the definition, and we are a perfect family at that. We need nothing else, or more, being physically in reach is the only improvement. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you, for us. It's crazy how much more of a lifetime we have ahead to spend with each other, and then as fate has it, we will find each other again in the next. I feel as if that has just been proven in this one, by what occurred by our paths crossing as they did. There is absolutely no doubt that you are the one true love of my soul, the other half of my heart, and with it not present, what is held within my chest doesn't beat. I was so used to the cold touch of it and had figured out how to embrace comfort regardless of this. What you've done, naturally by the tender warmth of your love spilling light into where there was solely darkness, has awakened me to breathe life for the first time. To taste the essence of beauty, and to see the perfect gem that is nothing less than the single reason I'm assured that love is mine to own. You've given me everything, and I live to give you the same. Devotion is my path, Babe, one that I could run along with my eyes closed, and never lose direction to the destination our hearts call me towards. I never fathomed sitting here, anywhere, and telling a woman the things I express to you. I can imagine doing nothing else, and choose to say anything but is almost offensive to me. That is how I see it, to compare you to anyone - offensive, an incomparable notion that is as comical, as it is ridiculous. You are so much more special than you give yourself credit for, Babe. The understanding you'll come to see, is something I anticipate with great happiness, and by the time I can hold you in my arms, you'll hold a completely new belief of the woman you truly are. I think that will make us both incredibly full of smiles.

I love you, and feel this love surround you and move throughout you today. I'm besides you nonstop, whispering every disclosure my heart releases, reminding you repeatedly, You are my air. Take care of my wife for me, and I'll see you soon, Ok.

Love and Respect,