Thursday, July 16, 2009


The Lovely Miss Daisy ~

I totally understand and I dig what you’re saying about not caring anymore or trying to be happy or even being happy being unhappy. I can relate. I’ve been there for awhile now.
I think that’s what called comfortably numb. I think it’s a good yet dangerous place to be.
At least you’re (I’m too, but for sake of the way things are said) we stay content and not bitching. You’re not being obstructive and not bringing anyone else down. I at least hope that you hope for more, for deeper, richer life perhaps someday. You know like don’t give up?

Maybe it goes back to the “circle” we’ve discussed. I know I’ve made a few through my experience in my mind, my third eye visions and calculations and even when I tripped on acid. I feel complete by the things I’ve learned. Even though one thing I learned is that I’m not really complete at all. Now does that make sense to you?

I’ve really enjoyed getting your mail, baby. It makes me smile and makes my day. I say to myself that girl is cool and in my world that’s a compliment. For what it’s worth.

I don’t know how much more I can write to you. I’m not getting along with my folks. Don’t forget me. Send me your smiles and all your sensual kisses.
And don’t ever stop dreaming, with kaleidoscope eyes ~ Mark


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